My experiences with polymer clay and joining PolyClayPlay

When I signed up for PolyClayPlay, I didn't realize that Trish is my neighbor, we both live in Spring, Tx.  Trish offers 12 projects per month, six on the 1st and six on the 15th of each month.  Because of time restraints I have not been able to try them all, but I have all intentions of doing so as they all look like loads of fun to do.

I requested a desire to learn how to do ATC in polymer, and Trish came right to the rescue with full instructions and she even hosted a polymer clay ATC Christmas ornament exchange.  I joined it and found out that I have a whole lot to learn as I continued to make mistakes and had to throw exactly seven ATC's in the trash before I finally came up with two that I felt comfortable sending.  It is so different than paper - I plan to incorporate some polymer clay into my paper ATC's as I think an embellishment here and there out of polymer clay will really enhance the paper ATC's, but I cannot see myself doing full polymer clay ATC's.

So here are some pictures of my experiments with polymer clay:

Keychain, Pen, and Needle Holder

Explosion of Pens - I have tried to make - I don't know how many canes and they have all messed up - so the pens are trash clay - I have already given away most of the Bic pens without taking pictures, but there are still a few here in this group - my favorite that I use at work is the black and white Bic.  The other pens are Papermate.

Here is my try at molds - the next time I do this I will make one not so deep so I can make something very thin to go on an ATC

Here is my ATC entitled only Butterfly - normally I would have come up with a theme, etc., but this one doesn't have a meaning - I was just trying to get use to the polymer clay, the back is digital as all my ATC's are

Ok here are my messed up bangle bracelets - I was suppose to be able to slice these and then run elastic cord through them and they would fit right together - I have a perfect hole through them for the elastic cord to go through but they will not fit together.  I did not get the instructions for this from PolyClayPlay site, as you can see most of the projects I have tried from PolyClayPlay have come together pretty nicely - if I do say so myself.

Another try at a bracelet - I will get this someday - This one I am happy with and I was going to use filler glass beads, but my elastic cord is too big for my glass beads so will have to wait until I go back to the store again to get smaller cord to finish it

Here are the hearts from PolyClayPlay - I just put craft magnets on the back of mine and using at the office

Now, I will show you some of the canes that I have made - of course you have got to imagine before I got to this point mounds and mounds or should I say pounds and pounds of trash clay.  I am still laughing at myself, so that is a good sign.  Rainbow Jellyroll and other jelly roll

Now, here finally is a flower cane that actually kind of favored a flower when I was finished

And here is my poinsetta flower cane that looks nothing like I envisioned - can you imagine all the beautiful swirl beads I can get out of this messed up cane - oh shoot that is what I forgot to take pictures of is the swirl beads that I made from instruction at PolyClayPlay - that will have to wait till another night - I think I need to clean up my craft room before I try to do anything else - I have got too big of a mess to even think



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